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The Good Eye



The author has given an account of how her good eye was opened, when she had a spiritual encounter and pictures were shown to her of her past life which was a life of disobedience to God’s laws, self-destruction and of the ones she loved. Now she has found grace in God’s sight and knows that if the eye be single the entire body will be full of light. She uses this wisdom to point people to their priorities and to demonstrate progress in their lives.

The Good Eye by Myola Juliana Seymour, (published by The Great House Publishing, Inc., Miramar, Florida, 2009), 92 pages, Paperback $9.00 Hardcover $12.95, Softcover $11.95 ISBN- 13: 978-1889448-79-4 Product Code: TGE008709 Category: CHRISTIANITY, RELIGION, INSPIRATIONAL, THEOLOGY, CURRENT AFFAIRS.

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Hardcover, Paperback, Softcover


Myola Juliana Seymour

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  1. jophefs

    Good Read

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